Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wing Commander -Privateer

Wing Commander: Privateer is an adventure space flight simulation computer game released by Origin Systems in 1993. Privateer and its storyline is part of the Wing Commander series.

You start out as an unnamed privateer who travels through the Gemini Sector, one of many sectors in the Wing Commander universe. Unlike previous game, you can choose to be a pirate, a merchant, a mercenary or any of the above in some combination. The player may follow the built-in plot but is free to adventure on his own, even after the plot has been completed.There are over 64 star systems you can explore, all adding to dozens of hours of sheer entertainment

There are four different ships you can own, plenty of different equipment to create your own customized ship, over a dozen different commodities you can trade between systems, special missions that will pay you even more than standard fees, and more. You will encounter friendly, neutral, and hostile traffic in your journey

If you haven’t played this classic, I strongly suggest heading over to the remake project website and giving it a shot (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Publisher : Origin
Developer : Origin
Genre : Space combat simulation
Released : Sep, 1993
Platform : DOS


  1. to think that these games were revolutionary back then

  2. its fascinating how old games, without the fancy graphics and all that are merely more interesting that the recent games published

  3. never played it, looks like a great game

  4. sweeeeet. Looks legit. I wonder where you could even find this game anymore :|

  5. I haven't played this game, but I love the Wing Commander series. Kilrathi killing was fun.

  6. Wow, this looks like it might be a lot of fun. Ima go check out that remake